Having had a keen interest in wood and its differing grains and textures from a young child watching my grandfather in his workshop. I have, through necessity in many cases, made items of furniture for our home for many years.

Over the past years, like many other people,
I have also become more aware of the environmental damage being done to our planet by deforestation and our ever increasing tendency to become a 'throw-away' society.

Since retiring I have turned my hobby into a pleasurable and rewarding activity by making items of furniture from reclaimable sources like wood from demolition sites, old railway sleepers and now old oak whisky and wine barrels.

David Geary-Aston David Geary-Aston has many years experience in producing articles from reclaimed materials.
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Barrels make interesting designs as the 'staves', when dismantled, retain their curved shape, being thus for many generations maturing wine or port and finally the "water of life" that is whisky.

All products shown here are "hand crafted to order", so please allow up to 3 weeks production time for larger items. All furniture are 'one-offs' as every product is unique - no barrel or stave is ever exactly the same as the previous or the next.

If you require 'bespoke' designs to be made please email or telephone to discuss your ideas

Barrels are available to purchase, please call 01189723560 for availability and price.

Delivery cost will be advised on enquiry.

Production Deposit

A deposit of 20% of the full price of the item will be required before production commences.

small barrel drinks unit Patio Table
6-bottle wine stand
Captains Chair
Table / Bath Trug

Some of the innovative ideas made from old oak barrels


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